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US Masters Swimming at

VENT Fitness Latham

Wednesdays 7:30p to 9:00p

September 20th thru November 8th, 2023


Coach Brian Yates

Welcome to Homebase for STRIVE! Endurance Training, LLC. We are here to help YOU reach your personal health and fitness goals. To help you, we offer the following services:

  • Endurance Coaching for Triathletes and Endurance Athletes including swim instruction, run coaching, and cycling skills development.

  • Performance Training for those seeking to improve overall strength, fitness and performance or for those recovering from injury that have completed Physical Therapy from a qualified professional and looking to continue improving function performance and improve capacity for daily activities.

  • Health & Wellness Coaching  helps you improve your all-around personal health, fitness and well-being by helping you improve body composition, general health and providing Nutritional Therapy to maximize your results.


My background, education and training makes me uniquely qualified to provide you the proper training to meet a breadth of sport, health and lifestyle needs. No matter what your goals are, we can help you achieve your fitness goals and help you optimize your healthy lifestyle.

Coaching Services

Coaching Services

At STRIVE! Endurance Training we are qualified and equipped to personalize your training needs with the specific offerings:

Personal Performance:

  • Strength and Resistance Training

  • Balance, Flexibility and Mobility

  • Power and Plyometrics

  • Cardiorespiratory Training and Muscular Endurance

  • Core Stabilization and Movement

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness Assessments

  • Posture, Movement and Performance Assessments

  • Implementation of Integrated Training Principles and Progressive Overload to maximize the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model

  • Personalized program design via the OPT Model

  • Integration of Multiple Exercise Modalities



Triathlon and Endurance Sports:

  • Triathlete Coaching

  • Custom and Personalized Annual Training Plans

  • Swim form Assessment

  • Swim Instruction

  • Running Gait Analysis

  • Run Coaching

  • Cycling Skills Development

  • Functional Threshold Power Assessment

  • Maximum Heart Rate Assessments

  • Video Analysis of form and technique

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Race preparation and fueling strategies

Health, Wellness and Nutritional Therapy:

  • Body Composition Assessment

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Nutritional Therapy and Meal Planning


Training Facilities

Constructed brand new in 2020, our private facilities are available for all athletes and clients for all services offered. For your safety and well-being, facilities are cleaned and sanitized after each client session. We feature:


  • Over 250 square feet of training space

  • Sole F80 Treadmill w/ 32" smart monitor

  • Wahoo Kickr Smart Cycling Trainer w/ 54" smart monitor

  • XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine w/ 400 lbs. weight and adjustable incline bench



Additionally, we maintain the following fitness equipment:

  • Dumbells (2 to 30 lbs. sets)

  • 20 lb. Titan Slam Ball

  • 65cm. and 55cm. Stability Balls

  • 24" Bosu Ball

  • Elastic resistance bands and loops

  • 6" foam rollers

  • Balance sticks

  • Digital workout clock on 42" smart monitor

  • 126 square feet of mirrored walls

  • Titan Fitness pads (6" and 12")

  • 3/4" Rubberized fitness floor

  • 2" multi-purpose floor mat

Training Facilities

I am the Upstate New York Regional Coach and Team Coordinator for Waterfall Racing. We will continue to provide free training opportunities in 2024 for members of Waterfall Racing. To learn more, visit



I currently teach several programs at VENT Fitness including:

  • Triathlon Training Program (Latham and Guilderland)

  • US Masters Swimming (Latham and Guilderland)

  • RIDE Studio Training (Guilderland)

  • Personal Training (Guilderland)

  • Private Swim Instruction and Coaching (Latham and Guilderland)

Over the past decade I have run several programs for the Capital District YMCA. These include:

  • Aquatics Coordinator for the Southern Saratoga Branch

  • Swim Instructor at the Southern Saratoga, Guilderland, and Greene County Branches

  • Instructing the Triathlon Training Programs for the Southern Saratoga, Guilderland, and Greene County Branches

  • Instructing Spinning classes at the Bethlehem and Greene County Branches.

  • Wellness Coach and Group X Instructor

I have served as a Running Mentor for the Freihofer Training Challenge as part of the Freihofers' Run for Women 5K and served as a Volunteer Lead for that of the largest Womens' only running races in the United States.

owayo jerseys.jpg

This year I had the honor to be selected as an Ambassador for owayo Custom Sports. This recognition not only introduced me to a great team of like-minded athletes, but has allowed me to train and race in some of the BEST cycling kit on the market today. You can follow what they are up to at or follow them on Facebook.

Community Programs
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"I first came to Brian with a body that was unstable and my balance was strained. As a result of working with him I have regained my balance and strength. I have also regained my confidence. As a former professional dancer that trained at The Juilliard School and with Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, and with a successful career on Broadway, I had high expectations for his coaching and athlete development. The discipline, commitment, kindness and knowledge that Brian demonstrates is exemplary."

Robert LuPone

Athens, NY

"I have been fortunate to have Brian as a triathlon coach through the CDYMCA programs for several seasons, and he is the reason I kept going back.  Brian helped me gain confidence with my swimming, and improve my overall triathlon sport performance.  He is knowledgable about all of the multisport topics and keeps up to date with all training aspects. Most importantly, he is patient and willing to work with each athlete at what ever level they may be and whatever goals they may have."  

Gretchen Shyne

Selkirk, NY

"Being a beginner in triathlon, Brian gave me the confidence and knowledge to complete a triathlon successfully and have fun doing it!  His instruction and attention to detail helped me train in all areas of triathlon, but most especially in the swim.  I used to be afraid of the open water swim,  but not anymore!"

Shonda Hynes

New York, NY

"As a YMCA Wellness Director, I  have worked with many fitness professionals over the years. Brian’s professionalism, personality and genuine concern for members, made him a standout.  His ability to easily form relationships, while accepting nothing less than 100% of hard work from his classes, made him a favorite with members and a role model for his colleagues.  Athletes working with Brian will get someone who is completely invested in their success!"

Toni Carroll

Coxsackie, NY


Meet Coach Brian

As a Florida native, I grew up a competitive swimmer, runner, and BMX racer. I also played my fair share of team sports including baseball, football, soccer, and water polo. Ultimately it was the freedom of water sports and two wheels that became my go-to modes of sport as well as plenty of time for contemplative recreation.

I completed my MSc and BSc  in Anthropology at Florida State University. With a focus in Human Anthropometry, Anthroscopy and Osteology; Bipedal Locomotion and Movement; and Archaeometry and Archaeological Science, I spent nearly 20 years as a professional Archaeologist for both State, Federal and International governments. This experience also allowed me to teach for many years at the University level.


 As a Certified Personal Trainer and Professional Endurance Coach I am able to bring together many of the most enjoyable aspects of my personal life and career to assist all level of athletes achieve their personal fitness and health goals. I look forward to getting to know you and the opportunity to assist you to reach your fitness and health goals.

Brian _ IRONMAN Florida 70.3.jpg

As a Certified Coach and Nutritional Therapist, I have earned certifications from the following accredited organizations:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

  • USA Triathlon - Level 1 Certified Coach

  • US Masters Swimming - Level 2 Certified Coach

  • USA Cycling - Coaching Certification Level 3

  • USA Track & Field - Coaching Education Level 1 Program

  • The Health Sciences Academy - Certified Nutritional Therapist

  • Spinning/ Mad Dogg - Spinning Instructor Certification Level 1

  • KeiserFitness PowerED - Certified Indoor Group Cycling Instructor

I am also recognized and certified by the following organizations:

  • U.S. Center for SAFESPORT

  • National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability - Inclusive Fitness Training

  • TrainingPeaks

  • Today's Plan

  • ALiCE Institute Training 

  • Capital District YMCA

I maintain current certifications from the American Red Cross for

CPR/ AED/ First Aid 

Meet Coach Brian

Contact Us

After you have taken a tour of the website, please feel free to give me call, shoot me a text, or send me an email. I look forward to speaking with you about YOUR aspirations and discussing how I can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Coach Brian Yates, MSc, BSc, CPT, CNT

10 Morgan Rd. 

Selkirk, NY 12158

(518) 221-8119

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